David A. Ingraham and Harriet Lusty A Civil War Soldier

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David Alman Ingraham (1832-1919) and Harriet Lusty (1834-1919)

Another Ingraham in New Ashford, Massachusetts

David Alman Ingraham was born 8 July 1832 in New Ashford, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He was the oldest son of David Ingraham and Anna Howard. Because he shared his father’s first name, he went by his middle name for a great deal of his life, and records can be found using “David A. Ingraham” or even just “Almon Ingraham” or "Almon D. Ingraham."

New Ashford — where David was born — is considered today to be a part of the metropolitan area of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It was first settled in 1762 and officially incorporated in 1835, just three years after David’s birth. As seen by the map above 2, it is located in the far northwestern corner of the state.

Although David would leave New Ashford from time to time, he lived there for the majority of his life. In the 1850 Census, when he is 19 years old, he is living with his mother, father, and several of his younger siblings in Adams (not far from New Ashford).

David and Harriet Meet and Marry

David and Harriet probably met in New Ashford, but they were married on 3 Nov 1855 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, five years prior to the American Civil War in which David would fight. He was 23; she was 21. David and Harriet may have chosen to get married in Williamstown simply because it had more churches.

Harriet was born in Lenard Stanely, England, on 17 Feb 1834. She immigrated on the ship Eliza to New York with her parents, Charles Lusty and Hannah Jackquey on 8 Sep 1841 from Bristol, England, when she was seven years old.

In 1860, just prior to David joining the Union Army, David and Harriet lived in Greenwood, Steuben County, New York. By this time they had three sons and a daughter.

David Becomes a Soldier — and Harriet and her children nearly starve

David was a Civil War soldier, volunteering in the 141st New York Infantry as a private with his allegiance to the Union Army. He enlisted on 19 Sept 1864 at the age of 32. He was mustered out on 8 June 1865 in Washington, DC. He received a “Distinguished Service” category.

In 1864, he was in Louisiana and Arkansas while Harriet was living in Greenwood, Steuben County, New York. He was discharged in 1865 at Fort Jefferson, Florida. He went with Sherman across Georgia on the March to the Sea as a member of the New York Volunteers, but with difficulty. In later years, applying for a pension, he claimed he developed both rheumatism and heart trouble on the expedition. Some of his fellow veterans testified he had to use his rifle as a crutch, but that when he mentioned heart trouble, “We told him his heart was broke for his old woman.” The “old woman” was Harriet Lusty, left at home with at least four small children. As well, two of their children were born during the time that David was in the War, so he must have made it home at least twice!

The Civil War must have been difficult for Harriet. One brother, Charles, a member of a Massachusetts regiment, died in a battle in North Carolina. He was 24. Robert Lusty 3, another brother, lost a leg at the Battle of Gettsyburg.

The Family Grows

David and Harriet had several children, including the following:

Life Continues

It was hard to find the family’s records for 1870. They were finally found under “Alma Ingraham” which is obviously David Almon spelled really strangely! The other mystifying part of this census is that Harriet is listed as Luretta. A middle name perhaps? The oldest son, Robert, is misnamed Ross by the census taker. The children’s names — Frank, Maggie, Jason, and Stella — are only half right. Maggie must be Minnie, Jason must be Jacob.

In the 1880 Census, David and Harriet are once again in New Ashford, Berkshire, Massachusetts, with six of their children still living with them.

In the 1900 Census, he is again using Almon, but this time it’s spelled Almine. By now, David and Harriet are 67 and 64 years old, respectively, and living in New Ashford. No children are living with them.

Growing Old Together

Ten years later, in the 1910 Census, David has gone back to using his first name. They are still living in New Ashford. David is now 77; Harriet is 76. Their eldest daughter, Margaret, is 43 and living with them. Since Harriet still has the Ingraham name, it is assumed that she remained unmarried.

David Ingraham survived in spite of his heart trouble and rheumatism. He remained a loyal member of the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic, a Union veterans’ organization) until his death in 1919.

David died 15 Aug 1919, most likely in New Ashford, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. It appears that Harriet died just six months before him — on 8 Feb 1919.

More about Harriet Lusty’s parents: Charles Lusty (1809- 1878) and Hannah Jackquey (1810-1887)

Both Charles Lusty and Hannah Jackquey were born in England in about 1810. It is assumed (though there is no proof) that they married before 1833, also in England, and five of their seven children were born before they emigrated to the United States in 1841.

On 8 Sep 1841, Hannah and her five children (M.A., Harriet, Charles, M, and S.) landed at New York, having sailed from Bristol, England on the ship Eliza. They were Family #3005776. Charles is not listed on the ship’s manifest, so it is possible that he came ahead of the family to make arrangements. If so, Hannah had her hands full with her children ranging in age from six months to eight years. The manifest indicates that Hannah is 31 years old, placing her birth at 1810.

It is not known where the family initially settled, but since they were in Massachusetts in 1870 and 1880, and their last two children were also born in Massachusetts, an assumption can be made that they settled somewhere within the state, possibly in Franklin County. It is also possible that they remained in the state of New York for a while before moving west to Massachusetts.

Hannah and Charles had at least ten children, five of whom were born in England and five children born in Massachusetts. There were six girls and four boys:

In 1870, Charles and Hannah, both 60, are living in Charlemont, Franklin County, Massachusetts. Charles values his real estate at $650 and his personal property at $150. He identifies himself as a “laborer.” It indicates that they have only one male child who is 20 years of age or older (this would be Robert), but they are not asked about their daughters. None of their children appear to be living with them.

On a Find-a-Grave website, it indicates that Charles Lusty died on October 19, 1878, in Claremont, Franklin County, Massachusetts. On the Find-A-Grave website, his spouse is listed as Hannah Jackway Lusty and five of their children are identified: Harriet Lusty Ingraham, Sarah C Lusty Allen, David Lusty, Margaret Lusty Pearl, and Hannah Lusty Stevens.

Hannah is a widow, living in Colerain, Franklin County, Massachusetts, for at least nine years. According to the census of 1870, she is living with her youngest daughter and namesake, Hannah, now 28 years old. According to some records, she died in 1887. She is not found in any censuses after that time.

This page written and researched by Susan Overturf Ingraham, wife of Robert Philip Ingraham, a descendant of David A. Ingraham and Harriet Lusty. This page last updated on April 26, 2019.

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  3. Harriet's brother, Robert Cortin Lusty, would marry a woman named Abbie. They would have several children: Mary, Abbie, Julia, Charlies, Daniel, John, William, and David. David, born in 1879, would go on to fight in the Phillipines War in 1899-1900 and die of tuberculosis at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, in 1902. His gravesite is in the cemetery there. ↩︎

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  5. David, a nephew to Harriet Lusty Ingraham, would go on to fight in the Phillipines War in 1899-1900. He contracted tuberculosis and died at the Fort Bayard Hospital in Fort Bayard, New Mexico, in 1902. He is buried in the cemetery there. ↩︎