Court Records for Warnaar Van Hornbeeke

Warnaar Hoornbeeck seems to have spent a lot of time in litigation. Listed below are the many times he appears in the record books. These court records not only give a brief view of the life of Warnaar, but also tell much about the structure of the society at the time. For more about Warnaar’s life, see The Hornbacks.

Sources: The McDonald Family History and from a Hornback web site. This web site gives the following sources: Warnaar Hornbeck Descendants; Hornbeck Hunting and Descendants of Warnaar Hornbeck Born c 1645; Baptismal and Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, transcribed an edited by Rowell Randall Hoe pub 1891; New York Calendarof Wills compiled and edited by Berthold Fernow, p 188, Will of tobias Hoornbeck of Rochester, NY dated 5 June 1767, probated 10 April 1771; Calendar of NJ Wills, Administrations, etc. Vol III, p 164-164, published as Documents Relating to Colonial Hist of the State of NJ, 1st Ser., Vol. XXXII; and other documents.

[This page researched and written by Susan Overturf Ingraham, a descendant of the Hornbacks through Martha Hornback who married William Power McDonald.]

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