Exploring My Husband's Ancestral Roots Ingrahams, Herricks, Moshers, and Brands

My husband, Robert Philip Ingraham, and I have been married for 47 years. About twenty-five years ago, I began to study my own family history, but about ten years later, I began to explore his. Although some work had been done by other family members, there was less information about his family than I had had about mine. You can read about my family's history here.

My husband has always complained that his lineage is “all British” and “not very interesting.” But, as with all families, his family has some interesting stories to tell — of courage, hardship, challenge, and adversity. The four surnames of his grandparents are Ingraham, Mosher, Herrick, and Brand. These are the four families I have researched. On these pages is the culmination of several years’ work. Taking what was already done and furthering the research, I have managed to learn about all four families and their descendants.

Below is a brief history of each family and then a table of contents.

Susan Overturf Ingraham

My husband’s paternal and maternal surnames are

The Ingrahams

The Ingrahams seem to have originated from Essex County in eastern England. Richard Ingraham and Elizabeth Wignall are considered to be the first in this family, immigrating to Massachusetts in about 1630. From there, some family members moved on to New York and even further west. To read about the Ingrahams, begin with Richard and Elizabeth, choose any couple’s name from the Table of Contents below, or read a short history of the Ingraham family history. There is also a page about the Lee Family and the Eddy Family.

The Moshers

The Moshers are in the United States even before the Ingrahams. Hugh Mosher is born in Rhode Island in 1633, just three years after Richard Ingraham arrived on colonial soil. The family lived in Rhodes, Massachusetts, and eventually New York state. To read about the Moshers, begin with Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson, choose any couple’s name from the Table of Contents below, or first read about the Mosher Family History. You can also learn about the Allen and Wheeler families from the Moshers.

The Herricks

Henry Herrick immigrated to Massachusetts from England in the early 1600’s. He settled in Salem, and several generations of Herricks lived there until the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Although some Herricks were involved in the trials (one was the constable; another on the jury), some were not. They left the area and settled in New York state, remaining there for several generations. To read more about the Herricks, begin with Henry Herrick and Editha Laskin, choose any couple’s name from the Table of Contents below, or read about the Herrick family history first. There is also a page about the Solart Family included here.

The Brands

The Brands appear in England in the late 1700’s. John Brand never left England but his son, Benjamin, emigrated to Wisconsin and married Abigail Baker King. The Brands moved a lot and finding them in records is difficult. To read more about the Brands, begin with John Brand and Margaret Head, choose any couple’s name from the Table of Contents below, or read a brief history of the Brand family first. There is also a history of the Higby family attached to the Brands.


The Ingrahams:

The Moshers:

The Herricks:

The Brands:

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