Protecting Yourself when Walking Outside Some General Safety Rules

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This article was written, edited and/or updated on December 23, 2021.


Everyone enjoys a walk outside — whether for shopping, just to go feed the ducks, or to watch a sunset. Many of us who live in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia, prefer to walk than to drive a car, ride a bicycle, or strap on roller blades.

As we age, unfortunately, walking becomes a bit more problematic. Our vision, hearing, and balance are not as good as when we were younger. We usually walk a little more slowly. As well, there are more people, cyclists, and cars on the sidewalks and roads than ever before, particularly during the months when cruise ships come to Vancouver.

Seniors are more nervous about falling than younger people. It makes sense to pay attention to where we are walking, and it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves occasionally of some basic safety rules.

Safety Rules for Walking at any time of the Year

Here are some general walking tips for your shopping trip or leisurely walk during any time of the year:

Safety Rules for Walking in the Spring and Summer

Here are a few tips to remember when setting out on a shopping trip or a leisurely walk during the spring and summer months:

Safety Rules for Walking in the Fall and Winter

Here are few tips to remember when setting out on a shopping trip or a leisurely walk during the fall and winter months:

What if it is too far to walk?

Whenever possible, it's good for you to walk. But if your destination is too far for walking, then simply choose a bus or skytrain that will take you to your destination — or close to your destination.

Walk part of the way, getting off the bus early, or walking a few extra blocks before you catch a bus.

Walking is a good form of exercise for everyone and anyone. If you also attend fitness class, you will be a stronger walker.

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