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Jun 15, 17 Taking Care of Yourself FIRST
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May 15, 17 Q&A about Fitness Class: Questions and Answers About the Parts of a Group Fitness Class
Dec 15, 16 Exercise and Allergies
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May 10, 16 "A new study says....": What you should know about those studies!
Nov 4, 15 Exercise and Parkinson's Disease
Aug 1, 15 Intensity and Duration of Exercise: Is One more Important than the Other?
Jul 7, 15 Air Quality and Exercise
Jul 3, 15 Why I Exercise: Confessions of a Fitness Instructor
May 28, 15 Exercise and Lifestyle for Older Adults: Recent Research
May 1, 15 Exercise and Chronic Pain
Apr 4, 15 Fitness Instruction for the Older Adult: BCRPA Guidelines
Dec 5, 14 Exercise and Circulation: Keeping the Blood Moving
Nov 3, 14 Exercise and Balance
Oct 27, 14 Exercise and Cancer
Oct 14, 14 Celebrate the Differences!
Oct 11, 14 Exercise and Stroke: Can Exercise Help?
Sep 11, 14 Exercise and Dementia
Feb 10, 14 The Love of Music
Oct 31, 13 Book Review: Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?
Oct 24, 13 Warm-Up: Why we Do It
Oct 24, 13 Why Lift Weights?
Oct 24, 13 Sweating: It's a Good Thing!
Oct 24, 13 The Importance of Social Connections: Research Reveals Its Value
Oct 24, 13 Scents and Fitness: They Don't Mix
Oct 24, 13 Planes of Movement
Oct 24, 13 Perceived Exertion Scale: How to Tell when you are "in the zone"
Oct 24, 13 Pain During and After Exercise: Should it hurt when I exercise? What if I hurt after exercise?
Oct 24, 13 Over-Training: How do you know when you're doing too much?
Oct 24, 13 Music and the Fitness Class: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Oct 24, 13 Motivation: How do we get and stay involved in physical activities?
Oct 24, 13 Dictionary of Common Fitness Terms
Oct 24, 13 Fitness Principles: Rules to Live By
Oct 24, 13 Fitness Instructors: What They Know and What They Don't Know
Oct 24, 13 Fitness Equipment for the Fitness Class
Oct 24, 13 The Stability Ball: Why You Should Try It
Oct 24, 13 Fitness Classes: The Benefits
Oct 24, 13 Can There Be Fitness Class after an Injury?
Oct 24, 13 Do Not Be Late, Do Not Leave Early: All parts of the Fitness Class have a Purpose
Oct 23, 13 Seeing Your Doctor: When Should you go?
Oct 23, 13 Reasons Why Some Older Adults Don't Stay in Exercise Classes: Reasons why They should Stay
Oct 23, 13 Heat Injuries: Learn to Recognize the Signs
Oct 23, 13 Genetics and Our Health: How much can we control
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Osteoporosis
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Hypertension
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Heart Disease
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Diabetes
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and COPD
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Asthma
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Arthritis
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Mood
Oct 23, 13 Aging and Activity
Oct 23, 13 Daily Activity May Improve Sleep: So says the Research
Sep 8, 13 Fitness for the Older Adult: A Table of Contents of Articles about Fitness