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Oct 10, 21 Musings: Thoughts upon Thoughts
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - The Hoax
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - Battle of the Hedgerows and the Battle of St. Lo
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - Battle of the Falaise Pocket
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - The Battle of Cherbourg
Mar 29, 21 Uncle Bill and World War II - The Fall of Aachen
Mar 1, 20 Adapting Exercises to Suit your Needs
Oct 8, 18 Exercise: When you Shouldn't Do It
May 29, 17 Protecting Yourself when Walking Outside: Some General Safety Rules
Mar 27, 16 Fitness Class: Too easy? Too hard? How do you know?
Oct 27, 14 Exercise and Cancer
Oct 14, 14 Celebrate the Differences!
Oct 11, 14 Exercise and Stroke: Can Exercise Help?
Sep 11, 14 Exercise and Dementia
Nov 2, 13 Family Legacies: Chapter 36
Oct 31, 13 Book Review: Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?
Oct 31, 13 Book Review: Finding Meaning (a book by Viktor Frankl)
Oct 24, 13 Warm-Up: Why we Do It
Oct 24, 13 The Importance of Social Connections: Research Reveals Its Value
Oct 24, 13 Scents and Fitness: They Don't Mix
Oct 24, 13 Planes of Movement
Oct 24, 13 Perceived Exertion Scale: How to Tell when you are "in the zone"
Oct 24, 13 Dictionary of Common Fitness Terms
Oct 24, 13 The Stability Ball: Why You Should Try It
Oct 24, 13 Do Not Be Late, Do Not Leave Early: All parts of the Fitness Class have a Purpose
Oct 23, 13 Protecting Yourself at Home: Getting Help when Needed
Oct 23, 13 Heat Injuries: Learn to Recognize the Signs
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Hypertension
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Heart Disease
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Asthma
Oct 23, 13 Exercise and Mood
Oct 23, 13 Daily Activity May Improve Sleep: So says the Research
Oct 21, 13 Benjamin Brand and Abigail Baker King: Finding a Better Life in America
Oct 20, 13 Rufus Herrick and Jerusha Pellet Pierce: Leaving Connecticut
Oct 20, 13 Pierce Herrick and Ann Miller: Life in Caton, New York
Oct 20, 13 John Herrick and Susanna: Life in Connecticut
Oct 20, 13 John Herrick and Bethia Solart: Touched by the Salem Witch Trials
Oct 20, 13 Eleazer Herrick and Mary Rea: Life Interrupted by War
Oct 20, 13 Augustus C. Herrick and Josephine Niver: Never Leave Caton, New York
Oct 19, 13 Nicholas Mosher and Rebecca Wilcox: The first Mosher to move to New York
Oct 19, 13 Nicholas Mosher and Elizabeth Audley: From Massachusetts to Rhode Island
Oct 19, 13 Jabez Mosher and Elizabeth Preston: A Family Divided
Oct 19, 13 Jabez Mosher and Elizabeth Doane: A Large Family
Oct 19, 13 Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson: Life In Rhode Island in the 1700's
Oct 19, 13 David Mosher and Sylvia Allen: Revolutionary Fighter
Oct 18, 13 William Ingraham and Mary Barstow: The First American Ingraham
Oct 18, 13 Timothy Ingraham Sr. and Sarah Cowell: From Massachusetts to Rhode Island
Oct 18, 13 Timothy (Jr) Ingraham and Abigail Eddy: Many Mysteries
Oct 18, 13 Franklin Ingraham and Belle C. Lee: Staying in New York State
Oct 18, 13 David Ingraham and Anna Howard: A Life in Massachusetts
Oct 15, 13 Daniel McDonald and Elizabeth Power: Life in Kentucky in the 1800's
Oct 11, 13 Hans Nissen and Marie Rasmudatter: Store Owners in Chicago
Sep 10, 13 Balthasar Oberdorf I and Margaretha: The first Overturfs
Sep 9, 13 Overturf History: From Germany to America
Sep 9, 13 Mosher History: Eight Generations of Americans
Sep 9, 13 McDonald History: From Scotland to America
Sep 9, 13 Mahoney History: From Ireland to America
Sep 9, 13 Hansen Family History: From Denmark to America
Sep 9, 13 Brand History: From England to America
Sep 8, 13 Justice Delayed: A Novel by Susan Overturf
Sep 8, 13 Fitness for the Older Adult: A Table of Contents of Articles about Fitness
Sep 8, 13 Exploring My Husband's Ancestral Roots: Ingrahams, Herricks, Moshers, and Brands