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Oct 15, 13 William Power McDonald and Martha Ann Hornback: Sacrifices for their Country
Oct 15, 13 The Trumbos: From Alsace-Lorraine to Virginia and Kentucky
Oct 15, 13 The Powers: Friends to the Boones
Oct 15, 13 The Hornbacks: From Holland to America
Oct 15, 13 Court Records for Warnaar Van Hornbeeke
Oct 15, 13 Michael Peter Harness and Maria Elisabetha Dieffenbach: From Germany to the New World
Oct 15, 13 Daniel McDonald and Elizabeth Power: Life in Kentucky in the 1800's
Oct 15, 13 Charles Henry McDonald and Sarah Jane Allison: A Life Too Short
Oct 15, 13 The Boones: Fiercely Independent
Oct 15, 13 The Allisons: From Ireland to Illinois
Sep 9, 13 McDonald History: From Scotland to America
Sep 8, 13 Exploring Ancestral Roots: Overturfs, Hansens, McDonalds and Mahoneys