Brand History From England to America

The First Known Brand is John

John Brand (1776-1841) was born in England in about 1776. He was most likely from the East Anglia region of eastern England. The county town is Ipswich. Suffolk was part of the kingdom of East Anglia which was settled by the Angles in the 5th Century. John Brand married Margaret Head (aft 1780-aft 1803) before 1803. They both remained in England and are presumably buried there.

Benjamin Brand is the first to come to the United States

John and Margaret’s son, Benjamin Brand (1803-1882), immigrated to the United States in 1827. Benjamin was already married to Abigail Baker King (1802-1850) and they had at least two children, Benjamin and Baker, before they moved to Lewis County, New York. They carried on west from Lewis County to Albany, then to Cass, Minnesota, and to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. After Abigail died in the 1850s, Benjamin married again and kept moving west. He died in 1882 in Rice, Minnesota.

Baker continues his father’s tendency to Wander

Benjamin’s second oldest son, Baker Brand (1826-1903), who immigrated with his parents from England at the age of one, married Sarah Ann Higby (1831-1904) in 1848 in Lewis County, New York. Baker, much like his father, was a wanderer. They lived in New York for a while, but they eventually moved on to Minnesota, settling in Richland by 1870. Sarah gave birth to at least eleven children, but she and Baker divorced in 1874 after 26 years of marriage. While Sarah remarried, Baker moved around a lot, working as a carpenter in Arizona and in California. Baker died on 17 Nov 1903. (There is a page about Sarah Ann's ancestors, the Higby family.)

Samuel Perkins Brand Struggles with Mental Illness

Sarah and Baker’s oldest child, Samuel Perkins Brand (1849-1925), was born in New York state in 1849. Samuel married Martha Elizabeth Hatch (1855-1933) in 1874, and they were to have six children: Carrie, Grace, Fred, Alline, Harvey, and Pansy. Like the Brand men before him, Samuel moved around a bit; he also stayed in a mental institution in Missouri for ten years. (There is some doubt about the parentage of the second child, Grace. Samuel and Martha may have been her uncle and aunt, rather than her father and mother. For more information, go to Grace Brand’s story.)

Grace lives a quiet life

Grace Brand (1879-1972) married Bert Herrick (1874-1945) in 1909, combining the two families who both seemed to desire change. Prior to their marriage, Grace had worked as a nurse and travelled quite a bit for a woman of her time. She and Bert did settle down and lived in Caton, New York throughout most of their marriage. That is where their daughter, Hazel Marie Herrick (1914-2010), was born in 1914. Hazel would marry Robert Mosher Ingraham (1911-1995) in 1935. Grace was widowed in 1945 and remained a widow for 27 years.

This page written and researched by Susan Overturf Ingraham, wife of Robert Philip Ingraham, a descendant of the Brands. Last updated March 1, 2011.

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