Daniel McDonald and Elizabeth Power Life in Kentucky in the 1800's

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Daniel McDonald (1787-1850) and Elizabeth Power (1800-1841)

From Pennsylvania to Kentucky

Daniel McDonald was born (perhaps in Butler, Pennsylvania) in about 1787.

Daniel married Elizabeth Power on 24 October 1817 in Bath County, Kentucky. 2 At the time of their marriage, she was 17 years old and Daniel was about 27. Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth, can be found in numerous censuses and tax records for several counties throughout the time period when they lived there.

Elizabeth Power was born 19 September 1800 in Fayette County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of William Power and Elizabeth Stogsdill. In 1818, in Bath County, Kentucky, William Power lists his daughter, Elizabeth, as his heir. It is mentioned that William Power’s land borders Daniel McDonald’s.

Fayette County and Bath County are close together, although they do not border each other. Fayette was one of three original counties formed when Kentucky County, Virginia was divided by the Virginia Act in 1780. Fayette County included areas north and east of the Kentucky River. It was reduced to its present boundaries in 1799, just a year before Elizabeth was born. Bath County was formed in 1811, just six years before Daniel and Elizabeth married there. Daniel was a farmer for most of his life.

Evidence of their Residences

Daniel and Elizabeth appear in the 1820 Census for Bath County, Kentucky North Township, p. 168.

Daniel appears again in 1829 when he is included in the Bath County, Kentucky Deed Book, page 336.

He can be found in the 1830 Census, also Bath County, Kentucky North Township, page 198.

In 1835, the couple appears in the Shelby County, Kentucky Deed Book, page 180; they deed some land to Joshua S. Power (Elizabeth’s brother), land that she was heir to from her father’s estate.

Daniel shows up again in the 1835-1837 Tax Records for Shelby County, KY, and the 1839-1844 Tax Records for Oldham County, Kentucky.

And, once again, the family appears in the 1840 Census for Oldham County, Kentucky, page 148.

A Family of 11 Children

Daniel and Elizabeth had at least eleven children born to them, all in Kentucky. They were:

Daniel dies at 54 years of age; Elizabeth at 41

Daniel died in January of 1844 in Oldham County, Kentucky. He was about 54 years old.

Elizabeth died three years before, in 1841, at the age of 41 in Oldham County, Kentucky. Her youngest child was just two years old when she died.

[This page researched and written by Susan Overturf Ingraham, a descendant of Daniel and Elizabeth. Last updated on June 5, 2019.]

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