John Brand and Margaret Head A Life in England in the 1700's.

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John Brand (1757-1841) and Margaret Head (ABT 1780-AFT 1803)

Limited Information about John Brand

John Brand is the first in the genealogical line of male Brands. He was born and died in England; his father may have been Jacob Brand.

John Brand was most likely from Suffolk, England, which is where his son, Benjamin, was born. It is located on the east coast at the “heel” of the island. Suffolk today is an historic and modern, largely urban county in the East Anglia region of eastern England. It borders with Norfolk to the north, Cambridgeshire to the west, and Essex to the south. The North Sea lies to the east. The county town is Ipswich and other important towns include Lowestoft, Bury St. Edmunds, and Felixstowe, one of the largest container ports in Europe. The county is low-lying with few hills, and is largely wetland habitat with arable land.

Suffolk was part of the kingdom of East Anglia which was settled by the Angles in the 5th Century. It was divided into four sections and then reduced to two in 1860: East and West. (Thanks to Wikipedia for the map.)

What we Know about his Life

It is not known when John married Margaret Head, but it is most likely before 1803 when their son, Benjamin, was born in Suffolk, England. It is believed that there may have been two others sons born to them: Jonathan and Daniel.

John and Margaret both remained in England, but their son, Benjamin, immigrated to the United States on 26 Mar 1827. 2

John died in 1841, at the age of 65. The date of Margaret’s death is unknown, only that she lived until at least 1803 when her son, Benjamin, was born.

This page written and researched by Susan Overturf Ingraham, wife of Robert Philip Ingraham, a descendant of John Brand and Margaret Head. This page last updated on May 6, 2019.

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