Justice Delayed A Novel by Susan Overturf

Welcome to my web site for my novel, Justice Delayed, set in the West End of Vancouver, BC. Dorthea Parsons moves here after retirement from her teaching career, unaware that the apartment she rents has a mystery attached to it. She is soon involved in trying to find the answers to that mystery with a little help from her neighbour, Mark; another retired teacher in the apartment below her; and her nephew, a constable with the Vancouver Police Department.

You can access all chapters from here by using the table of contents below. Please feel free to begin Chapter 1 now.

The setting for Justice Delayed is the beautiful West End in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (This photograph — taken by my husband, Bob Ingraham — shows Haro Street in the spring.)

Justice Delayed Chapter Descriptions and Links:

Chapter 1: "The first time I visited the West End of Vancouver, I fell in love with it."

Chapter 2: "I wonder what the little girl’s name is, I thought. It would help to know her name just in case I ever see her."

Chapter 3: "Sixty seconds later, she was gone."

Chapter 4: "I thought of my favorite sentence from John Donne’s sermon, 'Meditation 17': 'Any man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in all mankind.'"

Chapter 5: "Somebody got away with murder."

Chapter 6: "Like you, Aunt Dorthea, I think that child may have been murdered, but as far as I know, no one could prove anything.”

Chapter 7: “He personally felt the death was suspicious, but he emphasized that no proof was ever forthcoming. He’s going to check the file. It isn’t even considered an open case; it’s considered solved.”

Chapter 8: “You may be dealing with a killer who wants to keep a very ugly secret.”

Chapter 9: "You are a nobody with no evidence and no information. You know nothing about me, my wife, or our child."

Chapter 10: "It is possible to make gold out of lead, you know.”

Chapter 11: "I was more convinced than ever that Catherine’s death was not a simple accident at school, and Eileen Fuller knew more than she was telling."

Chapter 12: "I was being watched, apparently; this person knew where I lived."

Chapter 13:"I was shocked that the ruling was related to a fall at school. It just didn’t happen. I’m certain of it.”

Chapter 14: "But where could I go now? Where could I find more answers?"

Chapter 15: "Someone was watching me and was concerned I would learn something that they didn’t want me to know."

Chapter 16: "My heart pounded and my palms felt sweaty, two panic symptoms I had felt even as a young child when playing the piano in front of an audience."

Chapter 17: “You know, you might be able to find someone now who’s willing to talk."

Chapter 18: “So have you come up with a theory as to what really happened?”

Chapter 19: "The change in Eileen from the previous two visits was palpable, and I desperately wanted to know the whole story."

Chapter 20: "You have destroyed my family by confusing Eileen. I’m not her enemy. Someone else is.”

Chapter 21: “Well, proof or not, it could be a motive for murder.”

Chapter 22: "'Walk a mile in my shoes,' he said."

Chapter 23: "If anyone hit that little girl, it was that grandma. Boy, she was one mean bitch."

Chapter 24: "After exchanging niceties, discussing our careers and retirement, and agreeing to call each other by our first names, the serious part of our conversation began."

Chapter 25: "I was pretty sure now that I knew what had happened and by whom."

Chapter 26: "I know the answer to all those questions."

Disclaimer: Let it be said that these characters are fictional and created from my own imagination. Similarity to persons living or dead is unintentional and coincidental.