The Lees Ancestors of Belle Captola Lee

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When Franklin Ingraham married Belle Captola Lee, they united two strong families. Like the Ingrahams, the Lees had started in Massachusetts and then moved into New York. On this page are summaries of the lives of Belle’s parents (Davis B. Lee and Julia), her grandparents (Davis Lee and Amy Hull), her great-grandparents (Joseph C. Lee and Mercy Baines), and her great-great grandparents (Joseph Lee and Ruth Weatherhead).

The following couples are discussed on this page:

Joseph H. Lee and Ruth Weatherhead

Joseph H. Lee was born 12 Aug 1730 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He married Ruth Weatherhead on 15 April 1756 in Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island; he was 26, and she was 24. One family tree on indicates that Joseph was a cordwainer or shoemaker for most of his life. Ruth Weatherhead had been born 16 Apr 1732 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Joseph Weatherhead and Mary Jenckes.

Cumberland, incorporated in 1746, was named for the same county in England. The rare mineral Cumberlandite, used for cannons, is found in this area. Providence County is the top third of the state. Rhode Island was the one of the thirteen original American colonies — the first to declare independence from the British and the last to ratify the constitution. Joseph and Ruth lived in Rhode island during the years leading up to and during the Revolution.

Joseph appears to have been involved in some way in the American Revolutionary War, as his descendants have claimed membership in the Sons of the American Revolution organization. His involvement is not cclear, but he would ahve been in his 40's — certainly not too old to participate as a soldier, but it was not uncommon for men like Joseph to use his skills (perhaps he made shoes for the soldiers).

Joseph and Ruth had at least eight children, all of them born in Cumberland, Rhode Island. They are:

Joseph appears on both the 1790 and 1800 censuses for Cumberland, Rhode Island, and it is assumed that one of the “females in the household” is Ruth. By the 1810 census, however, neither is there.

It is believed that Ruth died 16 Jan 1808, probably in Cumberland, at the age of 75. Joseph died seven years before her — on 4 Jul 1801 — when he was 60 years old. He died in Cumberland, where he had lived most of his life.

Joseph C. Lee and Mercy Baines

Joseph C. Lee (named for his father) was born 28 Jun 1761 in Cumberland, Providence County, Rhode Island. He was the son of Joseph Lee and Ruth Weatherhead.

Joseph left Cumberland, perhaps in his early youth, and moved to Berlin, New York. Settled in 1765, the town is named after Berlin, Germany, but pronounced differently: accent the first syllable instead of the last. The county was a part of an area known as Rensselaerwyck, purchased by Kiliaen van Rensselaer from the Mohawk and Mohican Indians in the early 1630’s.

Joseph married Mercy Bains on 13 Feb 1783 in Berlin. She had been born there on 1 May 1764. He was 22; she was 19. They had least five children, all born in Berlin:

Mercy died on 6 Dec 1801, only four years after the birth of her son, Davis. It’s possible she died while trying to give birth to another child.

In the 1810 Census (nine years after Mercy died), Joseph is living with 4 boys, 3 girls, and an adult female, his second wife, Margaret Stephens, whom he had married in 1802. They had at least three children: Betty Ann (b. 1804), Job T. (b. 1807), and Philip (b. 1809).

In the 1830 Census, Joseph is living — still in Berlin, New York — with 3 children and his second wife. Ten years later, by 1840, it appears that his second wife, Margaret, has died, but a daughter was living with him.

Joseph married a third time, this time to a woman named Hannah Warren (the Warren family also has a rich and interesting history). Hannah gave birth to one son, Leland H. Lee. In 1850, Joseph and Hannah can be found living in the town of Sullivan, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Joseph is 88 years old; Hannah is 56 years old, and their son, Leland is 36 years old. (There is also a Phio Lee, 21 years old, living with them, but it is not known who this is.)

Joseph died in Sullivan on 30 Mar 1853, 52 years after the death of his first wife, Mercy. He was 92 years old.

Davis Lee and Amy Hull

The first of the three Davises in the family was born 30 Oct 1795 in Berlin, Rensselaer County, New York. His parents were Joseph C. Lee and Mercy Bain, but his mother died when he was only four years old.

Davis’s wife, Amy Hull, was born on 3 Oct 1798, also in Berlin, New York. Her parents were Peter Hull and Amy Day.

In 1818, Davis and Amy settled in the town of Alfred — a small village in the hills of southwestern New York in Allegany County. Davis and Amy had nine children (some sources say only six children were born to them), probably all born in Alfred:

In the 1830 Census, Davis and Amy are living in Alfred, Allegany, New York. There is one male under 5 (Davis B); 2 females between 5-10 (Catherine and Nancy Marilla); one female between 10-15 (Miranda). It may be that Marilla, the second child, died in infancy which explains why there are only two girls between the ages of 5-10.

In 1840, Davis and Amy continue to reside in Alfred. There are 2 male children (Davis and Schuyler) and 2 female children (Sarah Amanda and Lucy) living with them. Just two years later, Amy died at the age of 45 in .

Amy became very ill and died in 1841.

By 1850, Davis, at age 53, is marriage again — this time to Lemira Dewy. He is still a farmer in Alfred, and values his real estate at $3600. His new wife, whose name is repeatedly slaughtered by the census takers, is either Leannura or Lmira or something in between. Living with Davis and his new wife are three of his children from his first marriage: Davis Jr., 21; Schuyler, 19; and Sarah, 15. Davis and his new wife have two children of their own: Rosette, 3; Urilla, 2.

In the 1860 Census, Davis says he is a farmer and values his real estate at $5000. His personal property he rates at $1300. He is 64 and his wife is 55. Living with them are three of their children: Rosetta, 14; Francis M., 9, and Juliatte, 12. However, Davis’s son by his first wife, Amy, is also living with this family: Schuyler, age 29, a farm labourer who gives himself credit for $400 of personal property. Schuyler is married; his wife, Lucy, 20, and their two children, Ama and Estella, also live with this extended family.

Lemira Dewey had quite a bit of money and it helped Davis to complete a house he had been building since 1841. The house eventually became a tavern. Many people stayed there while the New York and Lake Erie Railroad was being built.

Davis Lee died in 1868, probably still in Alfred, New York. He was 71 years old. He left behind a widow with at least two younger children.

Davis B. Lee and Julia A. Elliott

Davis B. Lee was born in 1828 in Alfred, Allegany County, New York. He was the son of Davis Lee and Amy Hull.

In 1850, Davis is on the Census for Alfred, New York, at the age of 21, living with his father, also named Davis Lee, and his step-mother, Leanna (her name is spelled many different ways). Several of Davis’s younger siblings, three half-siblings, and 12 Irish labourers are living there — one can only assume that the Davis family ran a boarding house.

Davis married Julia A. Elliott, either in 1850 or shortly after. Julia was born about 1828 in New York, probably in Alfred. In most of the census results, she gives her age as one year older than her husband’s.

It is known that Davis and Julia had the following children:

In the 1860 Census, Davis and Julia are living together in Andover, New York, with Saylor, Sarah and Calvin Lee. Andover is on the eastern edge of Allegany County and not far from Alfred, which is closer to Steuben County.

In 1870, Davis and Julia are still in Andover, this time with Schuyler (20), Eugenia (17), Captola Belle (4), and Burdette (2 months). In 1880, they remain in Andover. Belle, 14, and Burdette, 12, are living with them. Davis and Julia are last found together on the 1900 Census in Andover, New York. Their son, Burdette, 31, is still living with them.

Davis and Julia most likely celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together. It is assumed Davis’s death occurred between 1901 and 1909. Julia is still on the 1910 census and lives with her youngest son, Burdette (age 41). Also living with them is Julia’s 19-year-old grandson, Harry D. Ingraham, Belle’s second son. It is assumed that Julia died after 1911 but the exact date is not known.

This page written and researched by Susan Overturf Ingraham, wife of Robert Philip Ingraham, a descendant of the Lee Family. This page last updated on May 9, 2019.

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