Secrets A Novel by Susan Overturf

Welcome to my web site for my novel, Secrets, set in the West End of Vancouver, BC. This novel follows the characters, Dorthea Parsons and Miss Hattie, both retired schoolteachers, through a new adventure after solving a murder mystery in Justice Delayed. They have a bigger mystery to solve this time: Who was Miss Hattie's real mother?

You can access all chapters from here by using the table of contents below. Please feel free to begin Chapter 1 now.

In the spring, rhododendrons are everywhere in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
(Photograph by Susan Ingraham)

Secrets Chapter Descriptions and Links:

Chapter 1: “Dorthea, I’m wondering if you would consider doing something for me?”

Chapter 2: “Oh, God! Not that again! She doesn’t give up, does she?”

Chapter 3: "I believe it became a secret between the two of them. Neither one of them wanted it to ever be revealed."

Chapter 4: "I guess if you have already waited 91 years for the answer to a question, you are willing to wait a few days more."

Chapter 5: "The question had made both of them uncomfortable, like an unexploded bomb had just landed in the middle of their living room floor."

Chapter 6: “Jane says that your Aunt Matilda wrote a letter and it was given to her sister — the woman you thought was your mother — after her death.”

Chapter 7: “If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say the word.”

Chapter 8: “This is my life we’re talking about. My father. My mother. Whoever they were, I want to know.”

Chapter 9:“No one knew what to do, and Margaret seemed to be lost in her own private hell.”

Chapter 10: “Don’t tell them anything about me. Nothing.”

Chapter 11: “I was just wondering why you were so interested in other people’s family business.”

Chapter 12: “She put her hands on her hips, and literally stuck out her tongue at him.”

Chapter 13: “You’ve given me hope and despair, all in one breath.”

Chapter 14: "I had always thought it was just a silly rumour and had no basis in fact.""

Chapter 15: "I thought how unfortunate that Clifford James Creighton never faced punishment for his crimes."

Disclaimer: Let it be said that these characters are fictional and created from my own imagination. Similarity to persons living or dead is unintentional and coincidental.