13 Diversion Posts Tagged Herrick

Oct 20, 13 The Solarts
Oct 20, 13 Rufus Herrick and Jerusha Pellet Pierce: Leaving Connecticut
Oct 20, 13 Pierce Herrick and Ann Miller: Life in Caton, New York
Oct 20, 13 John Herrick and Susanna: Life in Connecticut
Oct 20, 13 John Herrick and Bethia Solart: Touched by the Salem Witch Trials
Oct 20, 13 Henry Herrick and Editha Laskin: Little Is Known
Oct 20, 13 Ephraim Herrick and Mary Cross: Life in Massachusetts in the 1600's
Oct 20, 13 Eleazer Herrick and Mary Rea: Life Interrupted by War
Oct 20, 13 Bert Herrick and Grace Brand: Finding Marriage and Family Later in Life
Oct 20, 13 Augustus C. Herrick and Josephine Niver: Never Leave Caton, New York
Oct 18, 13 Robert Mosher Ingraham and Hazel Marie Herrick: From New York to New Mexico
Sep 9, 13 The Herricks: In America since the early 1600's
Sep 8, 13 Exploring My Husband's Ancestral Roots: Ingrahams, Herricks, Moshers, and Brands